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A Free Template From Joomlashack

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Thursday, 12 October 2006 10:00
It's becoming a known FACT that ordering personal checks online is by far a heck of a lot cheaper than walking into your local bank and buying them. You can see up to 50% off the usual prices when you order online... but then that brings up the next batch of questions
  • What Check Printing Companies are found on the Internet?
  • Which one offers a specific design im looking for?
  • Which of them is the cheapest?
  • How Can I stay up to date with their monthly Specials and Discounts?

That is where we come in!

We communicate closely with over 14 different online website companies that provide a huge array of designs. We are always on the look out for other companies that are offering different pricing and designs.

  1. Carousel Checks
  2. 4 Checks
  3. Styles Checks
  4. Artistic Checks
  5. Image Checks
  6. Check Gallery
  7. Identity Checks
  8. Life Checks
  9. Unique Checks
  10. Classic Checks
  11. Message Products
  12. Checks Unlimited
  13. Bradford Exchange
  14. Checks in the Mail

Now days if a design cant be found ( which is rare ) that doesn't mean you cant have it. You can upload your own pictures, whether those are stock images, family portraits, birthdays, anniversary's or other life events.

We recommend you take a moment and look around for a design that you already have in mind. If you cant find it.. be sure to use Unique Photo Checks website and use the option of uploading your own designs.

Its a 5 Step process of dealing with Image / Photo Checks.

1. You Select A Product such as Checks, Labels and Stickers, Covers, Purses, Mousepads, Calendars

2. You then select how many boxes you want, the format, Wallet Single, Wallet Duplicate, Side Tear Single or Side Tear Duplicate

3. You then Upload your Photo

a. Click "Browse" to select your photo. (JPG or BMP)

b. Highlight your photo file and click "Open."

c. Click "Upload Photo" to continue.

    (Picture must be under 4MB in File size)

4. You a brought to a screen which displays a Blank check with your Image faintly in the background, you then use the buttons at the top of the screen, Left, Right, Up, Down, Zoom in, Zoom Out.. to position your image on the check just the way you want it... then you hit submit Done!

5. Sit back and wait for your checks to arrive in the mail!

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